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M 3 months ago

All provided admirable service to the community.

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Zain 3 months ago

Shoutout to hassan riaz and the community fridge project, every town and city needs this..inspired from the Midlands and will be getting in touch to set up a similar thing here too!! 

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Graham Powrie 3 months ago

Well Done to all of you. Congratulations on your nominations! 

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Sean Harris 3 months ago

Sally has done a remarkable job in her community, she is highly thought of and her community are so grateful to her and her team,

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Irfan Ghazanfar 3 months ago

Shout out to an incredible Pharmacist and inspirational pillar in the community - Hassan Khan! A true Hero this year! 

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Sairah Khan 3 months ago

Congratulations to Hassan Khan on his nomination! He’s truly an inspiration! 

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Bev Altman 3 months ago

Voting for Hassan Kahn Cullimore chemist

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kishor mehta 3 months ago

congratulations to all.

Well done