Spotlight On- LS Deployment Coach

We spoke to Alpesh, LS Deployment Coach at McKesson about how he’s playing a part in the delivery of our new pharmacy dispensing system, ensuring successful implementation across our LloydsPharmacy branches.


The first in our C+D Spotlight Series, we asked Alpesh Mistry to answer some questions about his new role as an LS Deployment Coach.

How would you explain your LS Deployment Coach role to your friends?       

This is a new secondment role for me within the parent company of LloydsPharmacy, Mckesson, which I've recently transitioned to from my previous Non Pharmacist Pharmacy Manager role. I work with a group of coaches to roll out a new dispensing software within LloydsPharmacy across the whole of the UK.
I'm confident this new system is going to have a positive impact on the future of LloydsPharmacy and our customers, which is a great feeling to be part of.


What would your tips be to people thinking about applying?     

I've been with LloydsPharmacy for 5 years now, and this role have by far been the most challenging and rewarding yet, pushing me to develop personally and professionally.

This role is for someone who wants a challenge, who wants to help change the future of pharmacy and  see another side of the business away from a single store. Travelling around the country, staying in different cities and working with different regions has allowed me to broaden my skills to adapt to change at a fast pace.

What has been the greatest achievement in your role?   

Giving suggestions and improvements to develop the deployment of the LS system since joining this project in January 2021 has been my biggest achievement. I feel like my previous experience has enabled me to make a real impact.
This project is one of the biggest changes LloydsPharmacy will go through in the years to come, to be involved in the delivery of this is enormous project is satisfying and rewarding.

Want to get involved? If you like the sound of Alpesh's role, we're recruiting for more LS Deployment Coaches to help change the future of healthcare; apply today! For any questions of more details- please get in touch.

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