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Have you struggled to recruit any pharmacy staff in the past 12 months?

Started 11 months ago

With pharmacists being added to the 'shortage occupation list', community pharmacy employers reportedly struggling to recruit and retain pharmacy professionals and reports of losing pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to PCNs and GP practices, what has your experience of the community pharmacy jobs market been over the past 12 months? Have you struggled to recruit to your pharmacy? Or have you perhaps changed jobs yourself during this time? How did you find it? 

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A method of recruitment that I think is often overlooked, at least in my experience, is the ability to train someone who is under the age of 25, up to a Pharmacy Technician, for a greatly reduced cost through government funding and apprenticeships. If you can't find good staff available, make them. 

If Pharmacy staff are attracted to PCN, the answer is not to stop PCN recruitment, but to make community more attractive.

Sep 2019 C and D article about pharmacy team stress levels being all time high and this is BEFORE the pandemic. Hate to think what it looks like now and agree with Female Tech... make community more attractive.