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Have any pharmacies closed in your area in the past 12 months?

Started 10 months ago

None have closed DOWN (as in permanently). But many have had short term periods of closure.

Whenever a local business closes, people complain. These are the same people who do their shopping elsewhere

Staffing levels are specified in the DT

Several have closed down in some of the areas I have worked in...or more accurately to say merged for the most part. Where there have been several shops under the same banner, they've generally merged into whatever store is more cost-effective. Makes sense there would be a hit, considering the chunk that online pharmacy has taken out of the market share over the last two years with the restrictions in place. And with a dying older population, and a elderly population taking their place that is more technologically savvy, I do not see this trend changing any time soon.

Surely if it is not a merger, then the pharmacy should not automatically change the EPS nomination.  Patients should be forced to find and allocate their own pharmacy, either through their GP or as a walk-in.  Nominating for them, without a merger, is just wrong.

I don't think they will have to.

Remember everyone complaining about P2U aggressive advertising methods? Lloyds, Well and Boots are doing the same thing. It's what led to a 300% growth for Lloyds online pharmacy during the first year of the pandemic. Signing up for an app, which always doubles up as a nomination, is also infinitely easier compared to nominating oneself to a local pharmacy. Also free delivery, a requirement by law for online pharmacies. And Amazon? Well, they are going to loss-lead on their Prime membership to entice people in most certainly as a strategy, if they follow the likely method the company has taken in penetrating various other marketspaces.

Hang on didn't the DoH want pharmacies in close proximity to merge/close due to clustering? 

There definitely seems to be a favouring of amalgamating community resources in general, rather than smaller facilities. I imagine it's easier to administrate.