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Has your pharmacy experienced delays to medicine/product deliveries over the past six months?

Started 10 months ago

Can't remember a day in recent times when we haven't.

Seriously? what planet are you on? 

It’s absolutely shocking service from wholesalers at the minute and has been getting worse for some time now. 

partly due to wholesalers being compliant ie they have started using compliant couriers who have not got the capacity for the volumes being sent

Horrific. Every single day chasing items and prescriptions. Nightmare scenario. Added to this the AFG raises in secondary care I do see a large shortage in community pharmacists soon. Pay rises have been horrendous for years. Quota systems on the most bizarre items and where’s all the Caresence N testing strips gone? 

Sorry Agenda for change not AFG

Delays on Controlled Drugs like MST and Shortec at the start of January were really annoying.