Foundation Training Room

Foundation Training Room

A space for foundation trainee pharmacists to network and have questions answered by a foundation trainee lead 

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Did you have a chance to contribute to the Big Debate on whether you think provisionally registered pharmacists should still have to take the registration exam?

Last year we ran a Big Debate on the topic of provisionally registered pharmacists still being required to take the registration exam. You can still take part and share your thoughts here: 
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Here to help!

Do you have questions about the pre-reg exams? What's the impact of COVID been on your placement year? I am here to help and to answer any questions you may have so please post your queries below and I will happily answer them. 
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29 April 2021: How did you do in the GPhC exam?

If you passed, congratulations! What are your top tips for candidates planning to sit the assessment in July or November? If you were unsuccessful this time, don’t worry. Not only were you among the first to sit a brand-new GPhC exam format, but also you did that in the middle of a pandemic, which is unprecedented. Browse the C+D Community for support and guidance on what to do next.
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What are your top tips for preparing for the pre-registration exam next week?

With the exam merely days away tell us how you're feeling and how you're preparing for the exam. 
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Hi. I had recently sat the pre registration mock exam online and it had been a very slow system in which i could not complete my full paper.

In the gphc assessment, will there be actions in place if this had occured then? This had put myself and others into a panic when the exam was in progress and had caused distraction.
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How has the last-minute cancellation of the pre-reg exam for some overseas students affected you?

This week, the GPhC contacted some candidates who do not currently reside in the UK, informing them that they will no longer be allowed to sit the March registration exam remotely or at a local test centre. Did you receive an email from the GPhC? Let us know how the announcement affects you.
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How do I prepare for my 13-week appraisal?

What is the best way to prepare for my appraisal?
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How to organise a cross-sector placement amidst COVID

I have just finished my pre-Reg year and unfortunately my hospital cross sector placement was cancelled because of the pandemic. :(How can community Pre-Reg pharmacists obtain a cross-sector placement? Which hospitals (in London) are still open to cross-sector placements? Will a COVID risk assessment be necessary/in place to reduce the risk of healthcare associated infections? 
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What's the impact on COVID-19 been on you and your studies?

It's been a really difficult year for so many, and pre-registration pharmacists are feeling it too. What's been the biggest impact on your studies and/or career due to the pandemic? 
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When should I start revising?

When is the best time of the year to start revising for the pre-reg exams?
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Where do I get past papers from?