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Have you noticed a change in medicine supply issues during the pandemic?

Started over 2 years ago

A C+D investigation has revealed that the Department of Health and Social Care (DH) identified almost 300 medicine supply issues across primary and secondary care in the initial 14 months of the COVID-19 pandemic. Do these findings tally with your experience of medicine supply issues? 

No. what did surprise me was the total lack of action on the artificial supply  constraints cooked up beteween manufacturers and wholesalers that hugely increased workload at a time when there was no capacity for it. Do the Doh not know about this - if so they are failing to do their jobs, and if they do know, they are still failing, in a major national emergency, by doing nothing.

Here it was/is no worse or better than usual; we've currently got 50 lines on our "out-of-stock-keeping-trying-to-order" page which is pretty average for the last few years.

Nothing more than the usual, I'm afraid.