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How are you preparing for the next flu season?

Started about 2 months ago

With a global lack of defence built up against flu, modelling for this next season suggests that flu levels in the UK could be up to 50% larger than typically seen for the 2021/22 flu season.

So, how are you and your team preparing to ramp up this year's service? Will you be offering flu vaccinations alongside COVID-19 booster jabs? Share your thoughts and experience below.

Beyond the pragmatic anticipation of at some point, there will be a lack of stock, because that happens every year, without fail; I'm personally looking forward to some anticipated questions combining the flu vaccine and covid vaccine.

PHE has said pharmacy technicians will be able to prepare and administer flu vaccinations this season - with the caveat that they will not be able to assess the individual presenting for vaccination, obtain informed consent and provide advice to the individual.

 Flu service latest: Pharmacies not too impacted by jab delays and technicians able to administer :: C+D (

Will you be inviting pharmacy technicians to help you administer flu vaccinations this season?

The article is a bit misleading as you don't HAVE to be a technician to do stages 2,3,4 for flu jab process, any member of staff that is vaccination trained can do it. 

We have trained dispensers in all branches to help with flu jab workload as it is impossible to expect pharmacists to do it all work current workforce issues. similar band 3 vaccinators have been the backbone of the covid19 programme so it would be ridiculous not to use those experienced vaccinators for flu. 

You make an excellent point, Kevin, and PHE has now confirmed that detail to us.

I have updated the article and will redistribute: Flu service latest: Pharmacies not too impacted by jab delays and trained staff able to administer | Chemist+Druggist :: C+D (

Thanks again for flagging,

Grace, Deputy editor