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Do you think COVID-19 vaccines should mandatory for pharmacists?

Started 19 days ago

The General Pharmaceutical Council called on pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to get the vaccine, following health secretary Sajid Javid’s decision to make COVID-19 jabs mandatory for staff working in Care Quality Commission (CQC) registered businesses.

Definitely! To protect themselves, fellow colleagues, customers and also their families.

Yes, it will protect them, their colleagues, customers and also their families.

Whilst I do believe that the majority of people should have the vaccine, I believe the choice has been stripped away from them, alongside any frontline healthcare staff who wish to keep their jobs at this stage. Although, I am also of the opinion that people may believe, for whatever reason, that the vaccine is not appropriate for them. For those people who have legitimate and reasoned explanations, they are quintessentially being forced into treatment. If this was an issue of consent and capacity, the law would be very much on the side of patient choice.

unfortunately, the virus doesn't care what your thoughts or beliefs are, and, as a professional, you should be considering the people you will be seeing as part of your work. 

anything which reduces your likelihood to catch, pass on or miss work because of the virus should be done