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CCA: More pharmacy closures 'unavoidable' due to pharmacist shortage

Started 12 days ago

This is a complete nonsense. There are well over 55K registered pharmacists on the register, and with no more than 12K working in the community sector.I would only believe this article when i see community pharmacies closing or changing hands for nil goodwill. The temporary closures and reduced hours opening is to portray a false scenario of work overload and shortage of workforce to retain as much profit as possible. Such scenarios are also engineered to hold the NHS England and/or the government  to ransom, and and extract and retain as much of the funding as possible.

The contractors also use NHS funded Platform to provide private services at extortionate profit!!

GIGO - your are starting from the erroneous position that there is a shortage of pharmacists, and that somehow 2,000 pharmacists being involved in PCNs since 2019 is a lot. The government's own figures put the number of pharmacists around 65,000

C&Ds own article reports that "A total of 2,371 candidates successfully passed the July registration assessment" in 2021. So there will have been 6,000 new registrants since 2019?

Eh, a more sceptical version of myself would see that to be used more to push automated dispensing models, which require fewer pharmacists, technicians and support staff overall, and are substantially cheaper to maintain than traditional pharmacy models.

why are locums  in short supply and asking for ridiculous rates

The rates being offered to Locum pharmacists at present prove that there is a shortage of pharmacists in the Community. Rates are starting at £25ph and going up to £50 or even £60 in certain areas. These are rates being offered not asked for. You can be absolutely certain that a company such a Lloyds, or Boots (who are offering these rates) would not do so if they did not need to. These rates also have the effect of reducing the hours that Locum feel they need to work; two years ago they would have been paid £21-22ph now they can easily earn double that.

The number of pharmacists on the register has nothing to do with the number available or willing to work in Community Pharmacy as many of them will be working in hospital, academia, industry or in other non clinical roles, not to mention those working in GP practices, CCGs and LPNs. 

The post by Axed Locum is pure nonsense!