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Should COVID-19 testing services in pharmacy be supported by PHE and the GPhC?

Started 3 months ago

The GPhC has asked Public Health England (PHE) to review its advice discouraging pharmacists to offer COVID-19 antibody testing services. The PHE advice was first published 25th March 2020 and not changed since, despite recent assessments of CE Certified point of care antibody tests which were found to meet the strict criteria set out by the MHRA.

For example, the Fortress point-of-care antibody test (supplied by Pharmadoctor) has been independently assessed by Imperial College London, peer reviewed (published in the BMJ), then chosen by the NHS, Imperial College London and the Department of Health & Social Care to be used in the REACT study.

Surely pharmacists are best placed to provide COVID-19 testing services, explain the results and provide professional responsible advice to their customers?

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The Pharmadoctor medical team.