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What's the impact on COVID-19 been on you and your studies?

Started about 1 year ago

It's been a really difficult year for so many, and pre-registration pharmacists are feeling it too. What's been the biggest impact on your studies and/or career due to the pandemic? 

Our exam has been postponed to the first quarter of 2021 with still no fixed date in mind. Some of my pre-Reg colleagues had to self-isolate during the worst of the pandemic meaning their contract was extended for slightly longer and that they could not register for provisional registration. Some re-sitting pre-regs were not allowed to become provisionally registered pharmacists meaning they have been denied the opportunity to work as pharmacists since at least September 2019. The pandemic has made working and studying full time on the front lines very challenging for pre-Reg students 

I completed a split pre reg, with the last six months being in hospital. I found that I had limited opportunities to shadow staff and counsel patients due to the pandemic; additionally all study days, workshops and community visits were cancelled. Although I was able to join the provisional register, I have found that there are limited posts being advertised at the moment in my area for both hospital and community, potentially due to COVID and the uncertainty surrounding provisional registration and the exam date in general. This had made it difficult to plan in the meantime. I also know other pre regs in community who couldn't provisionally register or can't find jobs if they didn't do pre reg with a large multiple (i.e. they did it with an independent pharmacy).