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How to organise a cross-sector placement amidst COVID

Started 5 months ago

I have just finished my pre-Reg year and unfortunately my hospital cross sector placement was cancelled because of the pandemic. :(

How can community Pre-Reg pharmacists obtain a cross-sector placement? Which hospitals (in London) are still open to cross-sector placements? Will a COVID risk assessment be necessary/in place to reduce the risk of healthcare associated infections? 

Hi Emmanuella,

This is something that your tutor should be helping with. If not, sometimes you can arrange a swap with a hospital pre-reg yourself. This could be someone that you know from university or a pre-reg that you are networking with. You would need to contact the individual hospitals in London to find out if they are taking on cross-sector placements. My advice would be to arrange it for Feb/March 2021. Every employer will have a COVID risk assesment in place.

Amazing - thank you!!