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Hi. I had recently sat the pre registration mock exam online and it had been a very slow system in which i could not complete my full paper.

Started 6 months ago

In the gphc assessment, will there be actions in place if this had occured then? This had put myself and others into a panic when the exam was in progress and had caused distraction.

Hi Sofia, 

Thank you for raising this issue, which could potentially happen and cause candidate anxiety and panic and possibly failure to finish the exam. 

I'm sure the GPhC and their exam provider will have systems in place to ensure that something like that does not happen.

I would suggest, you contact the the GPhC and get their reassurances that they have looked into any similar potential problems. 

You should also get clarification as to what action you need to take in the odd situation that this happens in the real exam. 

Good luck in your upcoming exams!

Luso Kumwenda 

Hi Sofia,

GPhC will not be using the same platform as any of the mock providers so please try and not worry about it. I fully understand why are you worrying about it though.

IT issues should be less of a concern in the test centres as there will be people there to assist.

Good luck