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What are your top tips for preparing for the pre-registration exam next week?

Started 7 months ago

With the exam merely days away tell us how you're feeling and how you're preparing for the exam. 

Hey Hayley-Rose! To be honest I'm totally overwhelmed and a little crazy right now! I'm trying to do some calculations and a mock clinical paper a day up until the exam, as it highlights which areas I need to read over and what I've missed revising. Has anyone got any other tips?!

Extremely anxious and overwhelmed! But i'm trying to follow my revision schedule and do mocks everyday!

Feeling very overwhelmed with everything. Trying to consolidate my knowledge in high weighted areas for them exam.

Well we've waited 9 months for a delayed exam that a group of untrained monkeys could have put together with the pressure of loosing a job I don't think anyone can be feeling great. On top of that it seems the GPHC was just handing out contracts on a whim when they chose Pearson Vue because they couldn't even organise the summer exam which has been in June annually for a long time. A lack of confidence in our governing body is a nice way of putting it and puts us in a poor mindset to say the least. If boycotting the GPhC was an option I'd be all for it.

But otherwise I'm revising everyday. Like Yasmine has said mocks help point out weaknesses but sometimes it's jus the luck of the draw with what questions you get asked. Making sure to know the high risk drugs is something I'm trying to do!

Hi everyone,

Mocks can be useful but please remember that they are ALL unofficial and may not reflect the real thing.

Please make sure that you have covered all the indicative assessment topics in the framework and answered the GPhC sample questions in the new format.

If you are doing mocks, then wear a mask.

Good luck! You can do it! 

Hi everyone,

If you're sitting the exams next week, you're most likely to be bombarded with so much information at this time and that can be overwhelming.

But please don't panic, follow your study plan and make sure you stick to the items listed in the framework.

As there is just a few days left, it makes sense to prioritise what you will go through. There won't be time to cover everything. 

You have probably covered most of the content so far and that should give you some relief.

Use your summaries or notes as prompts to scan through most of the high weighted topics.

Practice calculations and mock questions if you can.

You've put in a lot of preparation for this exam and I can only wish you the best of luck and success next week.

Please keep going! 

I’m feeling extremely overwhelmed with the pressure of knowing I may lose my job if I don’t pass :(