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29 April 2021: How did you do in the GPhC exam?

Started 6 months ago

If you passed, congratulations! What are your top tips for candidates planning to sit the assessment in July or November?

If you were unsuccessful this time, don’t worry. Not only were you among the first to sit a brand-new GPhC exam format, but also you did that in the middle of a pandemic, which is unprecedented. Browse the C+D Community for support and guidance on what to do next.

Thank you!

Congrats to all that passed 

Some helpful tips;

Practice answering the questions within the time boundaries, mainly for paper 1 - I struggled with this in the exam. 

If you're struggling with certain questions on the day, flag it and move on!

Try using the highlight function on questions, it helped me separate the info they try distract you with, it was pretty helpful.

Don't base your revision solely on past papers. In hindsight I worried too much about these (more so for paper 2).

Condense your notes for paper 2 if you plan to read over revision during your break between the two papers. 

Good luck!! :)