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Top tips for completing a peer review

Started about 1 year ago

Does anyone have any top tips they can share that have been successful when completing a peer review?

Be honest with your interlocutor, and don’t flannel. If you are to get anything out of the exercise, then base the conversation around what you actually KNOW, rather than making it up to sound “flash”. Remember, you’re not being marked on the content. 
There are no penalties for not knowing something, rather it is an exercise to identify gaps in the knowledge which can be rectified. This is growth.
One of the most frequent comments I have heard about Peer Review is the lack of a person with which to conduct the exercise - especially with Locums who are transient in a pharmacy. One answer to this is to get involved in local pharmacy activities- what used to be called the Branch. Here you will meet other pharmacists and it should be possible to ask one of them to link up for the peer review.

I hope this helps, from my own experience 

Bob Dunkley