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Started over 1 year ago

Recent rate increases, are they sustainable or will we find another reduction like circa 2012

In my experience, I always found if the rates were too low, for whatever reason, roles would not get fulfilled. This would then lead to emergency rates being used to entice people in at a higher rate than they would have done so if they asked for a reasonable rate, to begin with.

In the wider context, inflation is hitting everyone hard, and this is of course going to be reflected in the rates asked by locums. I wonder if the question is more on the lines of pharmacy being, in my opinion, generally slow in the uptake of new technologies to enable much higher efficiencies in the bulk of its work, namely centralised dispensing models.

I am unsure if the rate increases I've found with certain companies could be sustainable, but I am trying to make the most of it for now.  On the other side, there are other companies that are still paying the same rate as when I first started locumming in 2012 (just as rates dropped) and given the rises elsewhere, I'm seriously questioning if I should still be working with them, especially as so many of their vacancies seem to be getting covered at last minute emergency locums.  

I certainly consider myself far from the 'greedy locum' stereotype (my last rate negotiations with independents ended up with both paying me more than I had asked for), but it is hard to take that providing cover and stability in busy branches is financially detrimental compared to booking last minute.