Revalidation - find a peer

Revalidation - find a peer

A community of qualified pharmacists willing to take part in peer review discussions

Peer conversation

Started 5 months ago

I'm struggling to find peers for the revalidation. Is anyone interested to create a group?

Ditto! And yes please 🙋🏽‍♂️

I'm interested too. Would like to join your group please.

yes please i would like to join the group.

Yes, please.

Yes please, I would love to join .

Great! We could arrange time and day for a video chat perhaps on Skype this month or August the latest?

If everyone is happy to send me their email address I can add you in the group. 

Thanks Elisa, mine is

It might be a suggestion to cap this group at an even number? That way we can all pair up with another member so there isn't an odd person left.

My email address is 

I just sent a tex message to Rupen to confirm 

Iam interested please 

Thanks, Indy you’re right and I think four is a fair number now. 

I'd be happy to join

Thanks Elisa. My email

Hi, I am interested too, my email:

Hi I am also interested. Is this still being arranged? 


I would like to join too. My email is

I would like to join . Email:

Hello ,I would like to join too if it is still possible. My email is

Hi, I would like to join as well. My email is 

Hello Everyone, I would like to join as well. My email is

Interested too



Hi, if anyone is still looking for a peer; it can be quite isolating as a locum, hopefully I’ll find someone to discuss a topic we’re both interested in!

This is an iCloud privacy email linked to my real email:

I will keep an eye on any Peer-to-Peer requests ! 

Look forward to catching up with anyone interested. 



Hi, you can have private discussions with peers on the C+D Community too!

Here's a quick overview of how to do it: 

If you have any trouble let us know


how can we join? Or has this group been ended? Tnx 

Hi, if anyone is about today and would like to do a peer discussion we could start a conversation?

Hi, anyone still looking for peer?

Yes I am

Are you available tomorrow evening to start a conversation?

Yes.  I am available then, what time would suit you?  I'm free after 7.

Shall we say 8pm tonight?

Is it too late to still join a group?

Yes, is it too late to join? 

Hi, anyone still looking for a peer? Please contact me 

Yes I am

Hi, my name is Damien. I am a community locum.  I am looking for a peer. Is anyone available or interested? Thanks.