The Big Debate

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So the answer is YES......SOME locums were right to increase their rates just like the cab driver who increases their rates on public holidays or night time etc
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The Big Debate #3: Would you recommend CBD products to your customers?

Thank you for joining us this afternoon for our third Big Debate. It's a point of contention in the sector: would you offer CBD products to your customers in certain circumstances or do you steer clear? Is there enough evidence or is more research needed? Finally, what are the legal points you need to be aware of? To share your views, simply comment underneath this post.
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The Big Debate #2

Good evening everyone and welcome to our second Big Debate. Tonight we'll be debating whether provisionally-registered pharmacists should still have to take the registration exam.2020 has been a difficult year for pharmacy teams in general - but spare a thought for this year's pre-reg cohort, who've had to endure a particularly intense year in practice as well as months of uncertainty over when the postponed 2020 registration exam will be held. Earlier this year, the GPhC announced it would allow pre-regs who met "certain criteria" temporarily join the register to help out with pharmacy's COVID-19 efforts. However, these "prov-regs" will still have to take the registration exam when it is expected to be sat sometime early next year - despite having been practising for several months.So, should prov-regs still have to sit the registration exam? Do you think it's only fair, given all other recent cohorts have had to sit the exam, or have prov-regs already proven their competency to stay on the register? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below. The debate will formally be closing at 8pm, but feel free to continue the debate for as long as you like.
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The Big Debate #1: Were some locums right to raise their rates during the first wave of COVID-19 in the Spring?

Good evening everyone, and welcome to our very first Big Debate! This week, we're debating locum rates during the first wave of COVID-19 in the Spring. Some contractors have complained of some locum contacts vastly raising their rates in response to the pandemic, while locums have reported some employers trying to drive down hourly rates. Even the GPhC waded into the argument by warning that locums groups who tried to collude between themselves to raise rates could find themselves in hot water.So, what's your view? Let us know by posting below and debate among your peers. The formal debate will close at 8pm, but the conversation will remain open for the foreseeable future.