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2005 Rates. I returned to practice in April after 15 months retired, and was disgusted to find locum rates lower than when I started doing locum work in 2005. The agency have recently reduced the rates offered again, and have even woken me at 7.30 am and tried to negotiate rates for an urgent booking that day. And why should I only get paid from arrival? If I am woken at 7.30 to get to work ASAP I expect a full days pay as my entire day has gone. If I arrive 15-30 minutes late because I had no notice of the booking that is hardly my fault. And now Sunday and evening work is routine, when I always used to get extra after 6pm. If we refuse to work at these rates and a pharmacy fails to comply with its terms of service as a result, then the CCG's should step in and penalise the companies, thus forcing them to pay a decent rate to get a locum. Realistically we should be on £30-£35/hour. That reflects both the level of education required to qualify and our responsibilities and liabilities.

Started 4 months ago