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Sep 01, 2021

What's the answer to ensuring adequate staffing levels in pharmacies?

Should the GPhC set a minimum number of staff depending on the prescription volume, service offering and population requirements, perhaps? Or should it be down to employers to set expectations in their pharmacy's SOPs? Share your thoughts below GPhC chief: 'Counterproductive' to set ideal number of pharmacy staff :: C+D ( Legal view: GPhC should not set an ideal number of pharmacy staff :: C+D ( PDA: Pharmacies have 'long way to go' to meet safety targets :: C+D ( ‘Pharmacy staffing levels haven’t kept up with the boom in services’ :: C+D ( The pharmacies handling ‘horrendous’ demand on a skeleton staff :: C+D (
Aug 09, 2021

Have you struggled to recruit any pharmacy staff in the past 12 months?

With pharmacists being added to the 'shortage occupation list', community pharmacy employers reportedly struggling to recruit and retain pharmacy professionals and reports of losing pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to PCNs and GP practices, what has your experience of the community pharmacy jobs market been over the past 12 months? Have you struggled to recruit to your pharmacy? Or have you perhaps changed jobs yourself during this time? How did you find it?  Share your experience and join the discussion below Background reading: Pay and workplace pressure behind community pharmacy retention issues :: C+D ( PDA to employers: Where are your pledges to improve work conditions? :: C+D ( Recognition of pharmacist shortage welcome as sector loses out to PCNs :: C+D ( Employers resume pharmacist apprenticeship plans and dispel myths :: C+D (

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