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Updates from the GPhC, NICE guidelines and practice ethical case studies.

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The choice: levonorgestrel or ulipristal?

Ethical Dilemma
by Tom Cox and Kristoffer Stewart
time to complete 25mins

Can a dog use this human medicine?

Practical Approach
by Asha Fowells
time to complete 20mins

How should you handle this incomplete prescription?

Case study
by Asha Fowells
time to complete 10mins

How will valproate's new licence affect the advice you give patients?

Practical Approach
by Naimah Callachand
time to complete 25mins

Nice guideline summary: Managing acne vulgaris

Unplanned learning

by Beth Kennedy

time to complete 15mins

Controlled drugs: classification and regulations

Planned learning

by Philip Crilly

time to complete 40mins

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