Curaleaf Learning Room

Curaleaf Learning Room

Your UK-Leading Medical Cannabis Partner

About this room

On 1st November 2018, medical cannabis was rescheduled as a schedule 2 controlled drug, making it available for prescription in the UK. Despite this regulation change, most healthcare professionals are still unaware of its legality and the role that they can play in widening access for patients.

With over a decade of experience in unlicensed medicines (Specials), Curaleaf Laboratories are the UK-leading experts in the manufacture, distribution and education of medical cannabis. Curaleaf Laboratories are the first manufacturer of full spectrum EU-GMP medical cannabis in the UK, with a full range of oils, dried flowers and other novel product formats containing varying levels of THC & CBD content.

The Curaleaf Laboratories medical cannabis learning room will develop your understanding in this growing therapy area in the UK and how you can get involved in supplying treatment to patients.