The Sleep Room

The Sleep Room

C+D Partnered Content | BSPSS
Mar 16, 2023

A triumph for evidence-based sleep education and awareness

As CEO of The British Society of Pharmacy Sleep Services I am delighted about our partnership with the Chemist and Druggist. Today (Friday 17th March), is World Sleep Day. And it's the right day to launch of "The Sleep Room" (surely it's a Bedroom?) with a fanfare! The Sleep Room matters because sleep disorders are now at PANDEMIC levels and Community Pharmacy is 'the coalface' of healthcare.  There are commercial opportunities here. It's NOT just more CPD for CPD's sake. Sleep is fundamental to health, as are nutrition and exercise. And YOU can positively influence patient health and longevity.  Hope you enjoy!

About this room

C+D have partnered with BSPSS to bring you all you need to know about sleep and sleep disturbance. Find out how you can help your patients and generate revenue from The Sleep Room.

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