Identifying postnatal depression

What advice can you give a mother of a newborn baby who is worried about her low mood and not being able to bond with her baby?

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Sarah Donnelly is a regular patient who visits your pharmacy, asking to speak with the pharmacist in private. She gave birth seven weeks ago to her third child. She explains that her mood has been very low, she is not enjoying the things she normally would and is having trouble bonding with her baby. She feels overwhelmed caring for her new baby alongside her two other children. Her husband has raised his concerns with her about her low mood and behaviour. She expresses concern as she did not feel this way after the birth of her two other children. What advice could you give her?

Postnatal depression (PND) is a type of depression that parents may experience after having a baby. It is a common problem affecting one in every ten women. Symptoms can develop any time within the first year after giving birth. PND can affect fathers and partners too.(1) Most patients will get better within three to six months, with one in four patients remaining depressed by the time their child is one year old.(2)

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