Get to know Faisal

Interview with Faisal Ali, Regional Operations Manager for Leeds and West Yorkshire
Get to know Faisal

What’s your name?

Faisal Ali

How long have you worked for Well?

I joined the Well family in October 2016, just a couple of months after qualifying as a Pharmacist.

What’s your job title?

Regional Operations Manager for Region 13 (Leeds & West Yorkshire)

Describe in five words what your role entails?

People, Performance, Patients, Planning… and the occasional Paracetamol!

What values and traits would you say are important in your role?

The one key thing I learnt very quickly in this role which is absolutely vital is that to even make a single step toward success, you must to be able to empower the people around you. This includes everyone from your Area Operations Managers, Pharmacist Branch Managers, Relief Pharmacist Managers, Pharmacy colleagues and Delivery drivers. It’s something I am certainly continually and always will be working towards, requiring plenty of continual self-challenge and reflection.

I feel how you get there is what you demonstrate in your values and traits; I’ve learnt the three things my Region and my peers look for me to demonstrate in my role is honesty, authenticity and an insatiable passion for what we do.

What do you do outside of work to relax?

A difficult question to answer, like most people what I usually like to do (or should say what we have been able to do) to unwind outside of work has changed so much over the past year.

I’m a massive foodie, so pre-lockdown/ no restrictions trying out a new spot to eat has always been a great excuse for me to unwind and spend time with family or friends.

During lockdown we’ve all missed these sort of simple comforts, the lack of eat-out-ability is a simple thing I think I certainly took for granted. In a way the restrictions nudged me to try new things; I’ve never been much of a reader before so getting lost in a good book (something I never thought I’d ever say!) has been a great way for me to re-set and take my mind off things. I’m sure we’ve all picked up new hobbies and ‘past times’ over the last year, it’s something I’m definitely going to continue.

One thing I’d love to get back into now we’re easing out of current restrictions would be hitting the gym…I know I’m not on my own on that! On the lookout for a new gym-buddy (hope my old one doesn’t read this)….

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