How do I start / join a conversation?

Hayley-Rose Ballard on Feb 05, 2021 • 1 answer
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Conversations take place in rooms, dedicated spaces for special interest groups. Anyone can take part in any conversation in any room. Simply click on the room in question and then the Conversations tab. You’ll either see the active conversations in the room or a message that tells you ‘There are no conversations in this room’. If that’s the case, don’t be shy! Feel free to start a conversation on a topic of relevance to the room in question. Click the Start a conversation button and enter your conversation opener, be it a question, an opinion or a link to something interesting, and expand on your opener in the What’s on your mind? box. Click Post and wait for the responses to come in! You’ll be notified by email when they do and then you reply to the conversation directly by just replying to the email.

To take part in an active conversation, click the title of the conversation you want to join and enter your response in the Leave a reply box before clicking the Reply button. The person that started the conversation and anyone that has previously taken part will be notified by email about your reply and invited to respond, which you can do by email.

You can view the training video on how to start/join a conversation here:

Hayley-Rose Ballard on Feb 05, 2021
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