CPD courses on the topic of dermatology

What can you tell patients about cutaneous fungal infections?

By Nadira Callachand

Read this module to find out about the clinical signs and symptoms of cutaneous infections and what to advise patients on how to treat them


Update Module1817
by Asha Fowells

Can you treat this bulbous nose?

Practical Approach
by Chris Chapman and Kristoffer Stewart

Psoriasis: forms and complications

Update Module1832
by Fiona Paragpuri, pharmacist

Psoriasis: treatments

Update Module1833
by Fiona Paragpuri, pharmacist

Common causes of hair loss

Update Module1853
by Fiona Paragpuri

Tick bites and Lyme disease

Update Module1903

by Leanne May

Acne: causes, diagnosis and treatment

Update Module1967
by Mairead McGrattan