Mohsin Raza

Superintendent Pharmacist, Wellbeing pharmacy
  • Wellbeing pharmacy
  • Virgin Islands (British)

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Cardiovascular Gastrointestinal

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Healthy Living

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May 05, 2021

Hi Grace, 

I wanted to add my personal experience to this debate. I am superintendent pharmacist for a small chain of pharmacies by the name of Wellbeing Pharmacy. We have recently started a Hub & Spoke services for two of our pharmacies.  Our main purpose of adopting this model was lack of space in the pharmacy for providing services to care-homes. 

But since we have started to use this model, it has turned out to be very helpful in maintaining a balance of work in our branches. Yes, it is true that the staff cost has been increased but it will be cost effective since we would be able to recruit more care-homes. 

I have read different opinions about Hub & Spoke  model in this debate but I think every individual speaks from their own experience.  Looking at the current circumstances in our pharmacy business ..I cannot see any hope of winning unless we adopt ourselves to the new changes.  I pray for the betterment of our profession (at least our profession was acknowledged during this pandemic by the government)