Rob Coulson

Business Development Manager, C+D
Lovima Daily Contraceptive Pill

Essential Information, For Pharmacists

Grace Lewis

Deputy and news editor, C+D

Nana Ofori-Atta

Editorial, Informa

Marketing & Communications Manager, Pharmacist Support

Tim Rendell

Head of Pharmacy, Day Lewis Pharmacy

Tim Easton

Head of Sales and Business Development, Positive Solutions Limited

Thomas Broeer

Managing Director, Aurobindo/ Milpharm


Marketing manager, Propharmace

Shimal Patel

Head of Marketing, Day Lewis plc

Shahan Mir

Director, Mir Health Limited

Studying Postgraduate Diploma in Law
Sean Smith

Media and Public Affairs Manager, GPhC


Group Marketing Director, Cegedim Healthcare Solutions

Salim Jetha

Chairman, Avicenna

Saghir Ahmed

Director of Operations, GreenLife Pharma




Managing Director, ProPharmace


Senior Brand Social Content and PR Manager, LloydsPharmacy


Head of Retail, Medicom Healthcare

Martyn Buckley

Director Sales, Marketing Activation, Infirst Ltd.

Mark Butcher

Director Marketing Communication and PR, Accord UK