C+D podcast with pharmacist support

C+D clinical and custom content editor Nana Ofori-Atta speaks to Melisa Cochrane of Pharmacist Support about the new course developed to help pharmacy managers and leaders.
C+D podcast with pharmacist support

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In an insightful episode of the podcast, hosted by C+D's clinical editor, Nana Ofori-Atta, guest Melissa Cochrane, a prominent figure in pharmacist support, delves into the myriad challenges faced by pharmacists in today's demanding healthcare landscape. Cochrane, leveraging her extensive experience, highlights the critical need for robust support systems to aid pharmacy mangers and leaders in developing this new training course.

Throughout the conversation, Cochrane emphasizes the importance of mental health resources, professional development opportunities, and the creation of a supportive community within the pharmacy sector. She points out that, despite the significant pressures, there are numerous pathways for pharmacists to seek assistance and enhance their wellbeing and professional satisfaction.

The discussion also touches on the evolving role of pharmacists, from traditional dispensing duties to more patient-centered services, underlining the necessity for continuous learning and adaptation. Cochrane and Ofori-Atta explore practical strategies for pharmacists to manage stress, avoid burnout, and navigate the complexities of modern healthcare environments.

This episode serves as a crucial reminder of the support systems available to pharmacists and the importance of advocating for their mental health and professional growth.

Click here for more information about the new training course.

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