Arvin Abdollahzadeh

Senior Management, TetraSign Limited
  • United Kingdom

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Jul 01, 2024
Replying to John Munday

Puzzled a bit by this story.

Most software can send a text message to a patient when their Rx is ready to collect.

This is the norm.

So what is happening here that is any different?

What is flying off the shelves?

I am suspicious of this story.

I wonder who is responsible for letting unauthorised software probably using potentially dangerous scripts from Github which can point anywhere, access to an NHS system without authorisation.

Patient's info is in danger here.

Can anyone advise?

Hi John

Great to hear your views.

Pharmlogic has been technically assured by NHS England and is compliant and bound by the standards that every software supplier is :)

We employ teams to ensure patients’ security is always the highest priority.