martin gibson

Locum pharmacist, Self employed

Ruth Tsimba

Community pharmacist, Boots the Chemist

Mohammed Hassan

Pharmacist , Linton pharmacy ltd

Maria Awad

Locum pharmacist, Locum

Abdulmubin Patel

Community pharmacist, Mbsd solutions

jitendra hindocha

Pharmacist, Ram Dispensing Chemist


Locum pharmacist, Other pharmacy company

Marius Calin Chereches

Community pharmacist, UMFST GE Palade

James Halliwell

Editorial, CITELINE

I'm editor-in-chief at C+D
Joaquim Pereira

Digital Director, Pharmadoctor

Founder of Pharmadoctor, with over 15 years experience in online health care, specialising in online clinical services to pharmacy and online prescribing. Working hard to position pharmacy as the first port of call for patient care and clinical services.
Darshana Shah

Locum pharmacist, Other pharmacy company

UnWell Pharmacist

Community pharmacist, Independant

Gyan Mutakoduru

Community pharmacist, Sunny Pharma

Mr R Mangal

Community pharmacist, AMCO (Medway) Ltd

Mohinder Hunjan

Community pharmacist, SELF EMPLOYED

Mark Kafor

Pharmacist , Nonetheless

Anil Chopra

Community pharmacist, Manichem

Sarwan Samrai

Community pharmacist, Jubilee Pharmacy Ltd

Manish Shah

Locum pharmacist, MNShahLocum


Community pharmacist, Jaunty Healthcare Limited